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The Essay Series

Renew the Republic is a series of essays about what's causing this chaotic era in America and how we can get through it to a new era of reform and national renewal.

Each essay is posted on Substack. Links are below. If you care about how to restore our ailing republic, please go to Substack and subscribe to get each essay delivered as soon as it's published.  

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Introduction to Renew the Republic

Our society is rupturing and our political world is crumbling. It's time to renew our republic. Read what this essay series is about.

Renew the Republic I

We’re failing at democracy because we forgot this foundational idea over which we once obsessed. Democracy requires republican virtue and citizenship to survive. 

Other Writing

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The End of the New Deal Era—and the Coming Realignment

The American Interest (March 27, 2019)

Frank argues in The American Interest that we're heading into a political realignment because the great debate over the New Deal era, around which we built our existing parties, is over.

Status, Glory, and Utopia

American Purpose (Feburary 24, 2021)

There are three reason seek out power: status, glory, and utopia.

The success of any system depends on getting the balance between these three groups of people in the correct arrangement. America used to do this, leading to its past success. Now that this balance is unraveling, things are starting to fall apart.

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