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The Video Series

Frank publishes a video series on political history and the cycle of realignments on YouTube.


Click the subscribe button above to check it out on YouTube. If you like a video, make sure to subscribe and leave a like.


You can also watch all the videos published so far below.

Introduction to

the Series

Episode Two

The Cycle of Political Realignments

Episode Three

Third Parties in American Politics

Episode Four

America's Five Political Eras

Episode Five

The Left-Right Political Spectrum

Episode Six

America's First Political Parties

Episode Seven

The Federalist Party Implodes

Episode Eight

Monroe's Era of Good Feelings

Episode Nine

Andrew Jackson's Populism

Episode Ten

Whigs and Democrats

Episode Eleven

The Whigs Collapse

Episode Tweleve

Know Nothings, Republicans, and War 

Episode Thirteen

Party Politics of Reconstruction

Episode Fourteen

Political Decline in the Gilded Age

Episode Fifteen

Populism and William Jennings Bryan

Episode Sixteen

The Progressive Movement and TR

Episode Seventeen

Wilson and Roosevelt

Special Episode

America is in Crisis

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