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Frank J. DiStefano is a writer focused on the political history and political future of America.

He is working to help fix what has gone wrong in American politics to renew our republic and restore the promise of the American Dream.

Author of The Next Realignment


The Next Realignment draws on the cycles of American political history to explain why America's two major parties are in the midst of shattering in a historic political realignment. 


Understanding how what's happening to politics now fits into America's regular cycle of party destruction and birth will empower us to better navigate this era of crisis—and what happens next. 

A necessary addition to the bookshelves of history buffs and political science enthusiasts.

Kirkus Reviews

Renew the Republic Essay Series

An essay series hosted on Substack exploring how we can renew America as our political era breaks down. Each essay in the collection is numbered.  

The entire series is also linked on the Writing page, or check it all out on Substack.

Check out the most recent essay below. And definitely go to Substack and subscribe to the series.

The Next Realignment

Video Series

A video series that walks through American political history to demonstrate why we're heading into a major political realignment. And then explains what we can do about it.

The entire series so far is embedded on the Video Series page, or check it out on YouTube.

Watch the most recent episode below. And definitely go to YouTube to subscribe.

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